History of Rossendale United Church:  1907 - 2000

Previous to the building of the present church, worship was held in a little log
schoolhouse one mile north and one half mile east of the present village, then known as Loveville.

Members agreed to build the church on the lot donated by Mr. William Moffatt. Rosendale church was officially opened on the last Sunday in June 1907.  Two ministers, Rev. D. R. Lowry (Presbyterian) and Mr. Abegglen (Methodist) served the field at that time.  The charge included several points until 1972 when we became a single charge holding services from Easter until Christmas.  Many ministers, ordained, student and lay have served their church over the years
The first organist was Miss Elizabeth Culbert followed by Mrs. T.A. Sloan, Mr. Louis Ford, Mrs. T.N. Ferguson, Mrs. Margaret Watson and presently Mrs. Margaret Woodward. 

    The first Secretary Treasurer was Mr. R. C. Culbert followed by Mr. A. B. Culbert, Mr. James Culbert and Mrs. Margaret Watson. Mr. Marb Ward became treasurer succeeded by Mr. Carl McGregor, Mrs. Margaret Watson and  Mrs. Lynn Hayward while Mrs. Betty Dromun was Secretary.  Mrs. Marion MacDougall assumed
Secretary Treasurer duties. Mrs. Katherine Anderson presently serves as Secretary, while Mr. James Dickson has assumed treasurer's duties. 

    The present board is Robert Moffat (chair), Carl McGregor, Margaret Watson, Enid Thompson, Maxine Schroeder, Lee Tomchuk, Jim Dickson, Ed Tomchuck, Katherine Anderson, Freda Moffat, and Dixie Tomchuk.

    Over the years our church had been faithfully supported by friends of the community.  Our Women's Group, though the name changed, has served the needs of our congregation with unchanging efforts. The executive of the U.C.W. is currently
Maxine Schroeder, Catharina Allen, Margaret Watson, Margaret Woodward, Mary Sylvester, Freda Moffatt and Norah Nicoll.

    In 1986 our church was moved to a new foundation on the south side of our property.  Since then, we have had electric heat and new windows installed.  Memorial stained glass windows were purchased by individual families; the U.C.W. donated an electric organ. In the spring of 2000 the church had vinyl siding added, and a successful planting party added trees, shrubs, and flowers to beautify the grounds.

      We are proud of our little church "By the Side of the Road" and we thank God for the men and women of the past and present, who, by their dedication have kept this church alive.

We look forward to the future, asking God's blessing on this Rossendale United Church and its congregation.

From "History of Rosssendale Women's Auxillary" 1907-1961

-The Presbyterian Aid (as it was then called) held its first meeting in Rossendale Church, in August, 1907, with seventeen members.
-Dec 13, 1907, the first sale of work was held in the church, the proceeds of which amounted to $128. Articles listed for sale included such forgotten articles as  knitted stockings  night caps  dust caps
-During the long years of the first war, parcels were packed for neighboring boys, overseas, quilts (with real wool bats), were made and sold and a patriotic tea held, the proceeds being sent to purchase two beds in a Canadian hospital overseas, and contributions sent to the Red Cross and Belgian Relief Fund. A dinner was held for the returning soldiers.
-1924 saw the beginning of the annual fowl supper  admission  adults, thirty-five cents and children twenty cents, this included entertainment. The present prices are one dollar and fifty cents, without entertainment.
-There are some interesting "quotes" from the earlier books and price comparisons. Thread  fifteen cents  tea  five cents a pound, bread  five cents a loaf, broadcloth and unbleached cotton  fourteen cents a yard.
-Mr. Donaghy, the minister at that time, had one of those wonder machines, to show lantern slides, which he did quite often.
-Later the good ladies were asked for their co-operation in "putting down the liquor traffic in Rossendale and Lavenham."
-In 1930 a painter was hired to paint the platform of the church for the stupendous sum of $1.00.
-The present Secretary-treasurer of the church board is A.B. Cuthbert, the position he held for 47 years. In 1955 the congregation honored him for his services with a gold wrist watch.
-- Mrs. M. Nicoll, who had been a member of the W.A. for 47 years and who held the position of President for 25 years was presented with a life membership pin and certificate in 1954.
-Mr. T.N. Ferguson presented the church with an organ on his departure from the district.
-The Rossendale Church has 201 persons under pastoral oversight with a total membership of 59 (in 1957).
-The congregation wishes to thank the officers and teachers of the Sunday School who will serve lunch after the service.
-We, the congregation of Rossendale Church are grateful to the Rev. Mr. John Dunnett who has driven 123 miles from Rouleau, Saskatchewan, to be with us for this very marked occasion in the life of our church. Mr. Dunnett is well known to many of us, and we are delighted to have this opportunity together with him to renew old acquaintances.

Interesting facts (1957)  From the 50th Anniversary.