Rossendale Church Ministers
From: Rossendale Through the Years,
AdReit Printing, Winnipeg, MB, 1982 

Circa 1890, Rossendale
A log house was used as the school and as a church. Services alternated between Presbyterian and Methodist students. The church was built and dedicated on the last Sunday in June, 1907.


1907   Rev. D.R. Lowry alternating with Mr. Abeggen.
1925/46  Rev. Mr. Moses Dixon
1946   Mr. T.N. Ferguson became a lay minister serving with invited lay persons and then became full-time lay person
    Mr. Tait
    Mr. Millsom
    Mr. Cameron
    Mr. Cook
    Mr. Pankhurst
    Rev. D. Dickson
    Mr. John Martin
    Mr. Ramsay
    Mr. Ferguson
    Mr. G. Renwick
    Mr. Bone
    Mr. J. Goodwin
    Rev. Mr. Sellers
    Rev. Mr. Revie
    Rev. M. Meek
    Rev. Mr. George Hambly
    Rev. Mr. Gregg
    Rev. Mr. John Dunnett
    Rev. Mr. G.W. Hinds
    Rev. Mr. J.B. Anderson
    Rev. Mr. Donaghy
    Rev. Mr. Moses Nixon
    Mr. T. N. Ferguson
1954  Rev. William Hickerson came as the first student to serve as minister
    Mr. Howard Fraser
    Mr. Fraser Muldrew
1956/57  Mr. Wm. Roger Lowe
1957 (fall)- Gerry Buhr
1958  Art Veldhuis
1959 (winter)/60 (fall)  Ian Harland
1960 (winter)/61 (spring)  Gerry Buhl
1961 (spring)  T. Wilson
1962  Mrs. Martin
1962  Wm. Lord
1963  Rev. Mrs. Margaret Errey as a summer student
1963 (winter)  Dr. M.G. Elliot
1964  Malcolm Fife
1964(winter)  T. Ferguson
1965  Barry Thomas summer student
1965  (winter/fall)   K. Krelz, Dr. M.G. Elliot, T. Ferguson
1966  Jack White, H. Jones
1967  Herb Jones on his first summer mission field
    Harriet W. Marten
1968  Donald Nash and Lorne Curwen
1969  W. Kammerer
1970/71 Aldeen Marjorie McKay summer student minister
1972  N. Lambert
1973  Peter Mitchell
1974/83  Rev. Nelson A. Hutchison began serving on a regular basis
1983  Rev. Allan Hall
1984/93 Rev. Cathy Allen
1994  Rev. Jim Scott
1995  Rev Ed Loucks
1996/97  Sandy Taylor
1997/98  Rev. Jim Scott/ Wilma Shirriff
1998/       Wilma Shirriff